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i share a birthday with shaq and tyler the creator thaz pretty damn kool

06 March 2014     5:40 pm

i got accepted to the university of florida :’)

14 February 2014     8:39 pm

what even was my life before i filled in my eyebrowz

06 February 2014     3:37 pm

today i watched the TFiOS trailer with my friend and after i left a puddle of tears on her hardwood floor because she made me tell her the ending

30 January 2014     9:01 pm


17 January 2014     2:26 pm

it blows my mind that college football players can occasionally just be drafted by an mlb team 

14 January 2014     7:50 pm

thank god tomorrow is friday. forreal.

09 January 2014     6:19 pm

omg i left my tyler the creator cd in my car and my dad was listening to it the entire time he went to go get me new windshield fluid and came back and said well i didnt hear that in church this morning.

05 January 2014     12:17 pm

i think its just way better in the movies hahaha. like damn Friday Night Lights is such a feel good movie.

01 January 2014     2:23 pm

my coworker was high out of his mind so we ran outside in the rain and admired the liquor store lights reflections in the puddles outside

29 December 2013     10:46 pm

i just bought a sparkly dress i am so excited

28 December 2013     8:12 am

the man in the york peppermint patty commercial

25 December 2013     9:37 pm

cant stand lana del rey. kills my flow when i drive and she pops up on pandora i feel like i’m being swallowed up by a twister in slow motion.

24 December 2013     8:26 am

two words. baseball. players.

22 December 2013     5:36 pm     1 note

the season finale of awkward was perfect.

18 December 2013     3:18 pm

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