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being hot must be in the lifeguard job description

08 July 2014     5:21 pm

if i could get a pressed flower tattoo that would be so cool

03 July 2014     9:39 pm

WOW i just remembered that i saw the most handsome man alive today and i got him his corn muffin. 

22 June 2014     11:37 pm     1 note

blues reds golds and greens are my fave

05 May 2014     10:15 pm

i share a birthday with shaq and tyler the creator thaz pretty damn kool

06 March 2014     5:40 pm

i got accepted to the university of florida :’)

14 February 2014     8:39 pm

what even was my life before i filled in my eyebrowz

06 February 2014     3:37 pm

today i watched the TFiOS trailer with my friend and after i left a puddle of tears on her hardwood floor because she made me tell her the ending

30 January 2014     9:01 pm


17 January 2014     2:26 pm

thank god tomorrow is friday. forreal.

09 January 2014     6:19 pm

my coworker was high out of his mind so we ran outside in the rain and admired the liquor store lights reflections in the puddles outside

29 December 2013     10:46 pm

i just bought a sparkly dress i am so excited

28 December 2013     8:12 am

the man in the york peppermint patty commercial

25 December 2013     9:37 pm

cant stand lana del rey. kills my flow when i drive and she pops up on pandora i feel like i’m being swallowed up by a twister in slow motion.

24 December 2013     8:26 am

two words. baseball. players.

22 December 2013     5:36 pm     1 note

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